The leprechaun

leprechaun without hat
and light color for hair, hidden hand, nose and ear shadow

This Irish creature loves accumulating treasures and solitude and it’s said that if you capture one you will receive a treasure in exchange of freedom.

What is an irish leprechaun?

Is a faery, most of the times depicted as a male, who dresses a long coat and a hat. Originally the leprechaun was supposed to wear a red coat, white breeches and a hat that varies depending on the region. On the modern times is represented mainly dressed in green as he/she is a symbol for irish culture.

Why does leprechaun wear green, then?

Because is one of the figures that represents Ireland and everything what is linked to it (from celebrations to sports teams.).

Are leprechaun evil?

Leprechauns are solitary creatures and they are very protective of their treasures which makes them refuse people but that doesn’t make them evil. Anyway the leprechaun on my webcomic has a particular personality.

Are leprechaun tall?

Short from a human perspective and quite tall for a fairy. Leprechauns are 3 feet tall (90 cm).

Can leprechaun be a girl?

Is widespread that there is no evidence of female leprechauns BUT you can clearly recognise a male on a leprechaun what means they have a gender so consequently there may be leprechaun females, no evidence means maybe they hide better than male. Anyway take a look on my webcomic because there will be a female leprechaun and you may find my explanation about why we cannot see them satisfactory.

Can leprechaun be black?

Leprechaun is a fairy race itself and as fairies they can be what your imagination tells you, they can be black, pink, purple and transparent if you want. Some day I’m going to tell you about the exercise I do to create the best creatures and places out of my imagination.

Which is leprechaun usual occupation?

It is said that they are mainly shoemakers. Anyways I don’t think they collect the pot of gold selling shoes. As I said leprechaun is not a job, is not a creature, it is in fact a fairy race and as a race they are not strictly linked to a sole job. If they buy and sell from others it makes sense they only make shoes but if they buy and sell mainly inside the leprechaun community (as it happens in the case of humans) there might be a full palette of jobs in the leprechaun world.

Why leprechaun traps?

It is said that if you catch a leprechaun and if you keep staring at him you can claim his pot of gold as a prize. Because of that to celebrate st. Patrick’s day families in Ireland craft leprechaun traps that place the night before to capture one of them.

Leprechaun or gnome?

Leprechauns and gnomes are very similar in size and overall appearance but is generally accepted that leprechaun are solitaire creatures who avoid people. In the other side gnomes are people friendly.

Leprechaun or goblin?

As happens with gnomes the main difference with goblins remains in the personality. Leprechauns seem to be solitaire even in their own community while goblins are socialy active inside their own community. Also depending on the story goblins might be people friendly and other they will hate people. In any case they don’t seem to avoid people like happens with leprechauns.

How to draw a leprechaun without hat

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