freelance artist

About me

My name is Antoni Rubio López, from Mallorca (Spain) and I’m a freelance artist.

When I lived in Japan I worked selling my art on handcraft markets. I used to create illustrated accessories as mirrors, bottle openers and magnets. I also made custom pet portraits most of them in watercolor, not only of dogs and cats but in a wide variety of pet types, such as parkeets, hamsters, goldfish…

Printable art

I still sell my art printables (to download, print and use freely) on Etsy. TAKE A LOOK!👈🏾

Free webcomic

Currently I’m working on an online free comic project. At this moment it has no title but I advanced taking some actions and desitions. I can tell you for sure that is going to be:

  • Free and open to everybody. Only maintained by crowdfounding. You can support me on my patreon page.
  • Fantasy themed, probably set in a fairy school or fairy town.
  • Sitcom. Yeah, it may have dramatic parts but it will be mainly comical.
  • The first chapter will be released not later than 27th of august (2020)

Keep track of the comic

You can see my progress on the comic on my blog and my instagram!

Artist for hire

As a freelance artist I’m working for other people so if you ar triing to find a cartoonist, a children’s book artist or you simpli want a portrait of you or your pet just contact me!