The leprechaun

and light color for hair, hidden hand, nose and ear shadow

This Irish creature loves accumulating treasures and solitude and it’s said that if you capture one you will receive a treasure in exchange of freedom. What is an irish leprechaun? Is a faery, most of the times depicted as a male, who dresses a long coat and a hat. Originally the leprechaun was supposed to… Continue reading The leprechaun

Fairy face

The last week I worked most of the time on the design of the fairy town on where my fairy webcomic will be set but because it is a very hard work this weekend I needed a brake so I had a bit of fun redrawing in digital color the fairy face i made some… Continue reading Fairy face

Fairy webcomic

Some weeks ago I started working on a fairy themed fantasy webcomic, set on a fairy village. The first I did was creating the main 5 characters for the first chapter because I strongly believe that stories are created by the characters, so building good characters is key to a goood story. The following days… Continue reading Fairy webcomic

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